Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pretty Boy Worst Nightmare

07:00am, Pretty boy wakes up by his perfect alarm
07:10am, Pretty boy gets off his perfect bed
07:12am, Pretty boy looks through his perfect window
07:13am, Pretty boy feels good about the perfect weather
07:14am, Pretty boy enters his bathroom to brush his teeth
07:16am, Pretty boy shaves and makes sure of his sharp look
07:20am, Pretty boy takes his perfect shower
07:27am, Pretty boy dries himself and get out of his bathroom
07:28am, Pretty boy puts on his deodorant and perfume
07:29am, Pretty boy wears his perfect gray Dolce pants
07:30am, Pretty boy wears his perfect black Brooks Brothers Polo Shirt
07:31am, Pretty boy feels this is his perfect day!
07:32am, Pretty boy turns on his perfect navy blue car going to work
07:50am, Pretty boy enters his office and greets his colleagues
07:51am, Pretty boys colleagues gave him a strange look?!!
07:52am, Pretty boy asks them what’s wrong??!
07:53am, Pretty boy looked at himself in the mirror and said...



Temetwir said...

morale of the story: pretty boy should always wear his deshdasha to work

yayek elbard, shefokek mn elkhaam eli yetwasakh bser3a!

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

actually the morale of the story is not to use the powder stick deodorant and use the other kinds, thats one, also its a light post till yawm al 7asm elli all of us are waiting for:P whoever wins on wednsday he shouldnt wear a powder stick deodorant to look good on cameras

Erzulie said...

Hah, I was thinking of the deo too. Well, when you wear your shirt, shrug your shoulders a bit too avoid any 'armpit' contact with the outside...latemaqa6 when you wear it...hunch over a bit...there you go :)

Sheba said...

aku 'no white marks' deodrant

Anonymous said...

hahah have a feeling that story and the stupid pic is urs ;D 3adl pretty boy ;* emaaaaaaah

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

pic is mine , however, pretty boy isnt me! why? because
i neverever buy or wear anything from Dolce & G
also my car isnt navy blue ! its agains my religion to drive an unti black car
and finally i never wake up before 10 am!

Mother Courage said...

now how exactly did that deodrant reach that spot of the shirt ?!

hmmmm ...makes u wonder ;-p

black and navy blue = BAD MATCH

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

صراحة الصورة مفتعلة , لكن المشكلة حقيقية و عانيت منها كثيرا, عموما كتبت مقالة جديدة لكن متردد هل أنزلها أو أنطر شوي عشان ما أحرق برتي بوي ففتين منتس أوف فايم؟؟

Zaydoun said...

Been there!