Friday, January 27, 2006

Hajji al-aQra3 ??

Yes... it's true... During the first 10 days of this year, I participated (along with 3 million Muslims) in a ritual, a pilgrimage.

I am back from that journey a new. No more sarcastic posts for me. No more 'taking things lightly... No Sir... No more questioning things like Religion and Faith.

PUH-LEEEZE!! Yeah right... Like that's going to happen. Like i'm going to submissively let myself be brain washed into being a sheep to be herd and cultivated and homogenized.

Look... I went, I did, I returned... I've got lots of things to share, to critisize, and of course... to mock!!!

But of course, due to the graphic nature of what I have to say, I thought i'd post this Pre-Post and see the reaction of you lovely readers.

Shall I go forward and write my Hajj Post?

But be warned, some of you will be insulted, and some will be... even more insulted... and some will be enlightened (ummm... not really... probably even more insulted) ... (I kid... I kid... Did I ever insult anyone's beliefs, ethics, morals, and all that crap?)

Anyway... I'll see the comments and barring any unforeseen events, will post Hajj-Post soon after. But in the end, this is your Blog, readers. If you are not mentally fit to read a post that might challenge your intellect... Hey you're the Boss.

These are my morals... if you don't like them.......... I can change.

Yours truly,

Hajji al-aQra3


Erzulie said...

Post it! Post it!

Anonymous said...


I've heard LOTS of funny stories about Hajj this year, lol, might be able to share with you. And you can question anything you want as long as you *can*. The way I see it, if God doesn't want you to wonder & question and all that crap, he wouldn't give you the ability to do so

(Oh, please, another day on which I wake up early & full of wisdom 'gems'..thanks for baring with me!)

Erzulie said...

Again, post it. And this is to KILA MA6GOOG: See you have an annoying little person advertising their product/blog/etc....because...becauuuuse you don't have word verification! AH!

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

POST is aqra3

scarlo and erzuli thank u on behafe of aqra3

again erzuile

i totally agree with u about this markprehiem < however its a minor problem o i can delete it in 10 seconds

u have to measure how many ppl will not post a comment because of the word verification compared to the hussle u will save by not having spamms comment

for me ide like to make it easy for commentors more than saving few seconds a day to delte these spammers

thank u again and keep it up

illusion said...

Why do you need the public's approval to post something you think its worth sharing.

People are always gona disagree with anything you have to say its just human nature.

متفرغ said...

Post it :)

Temetwir said...

its one thing to "question" religion and faith, and another to "know more abt" religion and faith

and illusion
its human nature to have different opinions, not to disagree

its all in the perception

Anonymous said...

يا أيها الإنسان ما غرك بربك الكريم الذي خلقق فسواك فعدلك

7asoon said...

تقبل الله طاعتكم :)
ناطرين البوست

Abdulaziz said...

Alright i'll start writing my post tomorrow, after that i'll have to send it to my lawyer for checking... I don't want to be the next Salman Rushdi.

Thank you everyone for supporting me and encouraging me to speak out. (I'm getting all emotional and misty)

Kila Ma6goog, it might take me a while, so post something until i'm ready. Thanks, you're a doll.

Diver said...

why not post it
be fare, be Objective and post whatever u want am I right????

Mother Courage said...


1st taqabal allah ta3tik

2nd in case if your shiite its sort of different,,,and i would very interested to know about that.

illusion said...


When two people are having a difference of an opinion that to me means that they are not agreeing so basically they are disagreeing, which is just human nature :)