Friday, November 24, 2006


Ladies and gentlemen… they walk among us… yes… there are here and they’re increasing in numbers…

They are…

The stupid!

It never ceases to amaze me how the human race can conquer the skies, and yet…

I was in Gitex alright… and I saw this machine. Now I’ve seen it before (it was being pitched as a marketing gimmick and I thought it was a stupid idea) but I never thought it would see the light of day. What am I talking about? Here…

This is it… and for those of you who haven’t seen this before, it’s a machine, right… and it has cables of all the major mobile phone brands… if you ever needed a charger in a mall or in Gitex for example, you can hook up your phone to that machine and charge your phone for free.


I mean, it is 2007! God damn it. Who in his right mind would be caught off guard when it comes to their cell phone battery? I mean… LOOK!!!! THERE IS A BAR ON THE PHONE DISPLAY SCREEN! It shows you (approximately) how much battery is left on your cell phone. And IN CASE YOU’RE BLIND! IT BEEPS AS WELL… when the battery level is very low.

So… how unorganized can you be to notice ALL OF A SUDDEN, that… ops... my phone is dead.

I find it so so soooo hard to believe that in this day and age this problem exists. It is not ROCKET SCIENCE! You look at your phone, you see the battery level, you plug in the charger at one end, and then you plug in the charger to an electricity outlet on your wall! VOILA! And I mean… it’s not like the concept is new to those people, they HAVE charged their phones before. It’s not like they buy a phone already charged and when the battery dies they just throw it away and buy a new one! They HAVE been through a CHARGING PROCEDURE… so… (a moment of silence) so... what went wrong?

I would like to ask them that question… what happened? What went wrong? Why? In the name of all that has an IQ of 13 and above… why did you allow such a silly… silly… thing happen to you?

And of course… I’m sure the only answer I’ll get is… a blank face… or as I like to call it… “the no battery face”.

And people… people… people… come on!!!!!!!
How can you do it? Stand in front of a machine… with your phone plugged in and just waiting for it to charge for how long? 10? 15 minutes… doing nothing… idling… IN THE MIDDLE OF A MALL!!! I mean, you’re just standing there… as good as the machine next to you… CORRECTION! The machine is better… at least it is charging YOUR phone!

Ok… it’s was a mistake… and it happened… Now your phone is out of battery… SO F-ing WHAT?!!! I mean, what kind of person can’t… JUST CAN’T… live without a cell phone for half an hour or 1 hour? Who? Stock broker? Maybe… but if you’re a stock broker stupid enough to forget to charge your battery… you shouldn’t handle other people’s money! Other than that… what’s so important that you just can’t stay “disconnected” from the telecommunications web? Are you a machine and your phone is your life support link? What? The only explanation I can come up with… and I’m trying to be as objective as possible…

Is that you’re F-ing STUPID!

Do me a favor…

Do YOURSELF a favor…

Charge your phones. Be organized! Think ahead!

And I would also like to say…

Sorry… I have to end this post here… my laptop is running out of battery.
But I swear! It wasn't my fault I… I…………………………………………


Q8Maverick said...

Vintage KM,

As Einstein once said "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity"

Some people in our society will find it useful as they spend 6 or 7 hours in mall doing nothing but talking on the phone while they are sitting in a cafe, walking, shopping... the ultimate waste of air.

متفرغ said...

laziness .... ask me it happened several times with me i go out and not even bothering to charge the phone .... but would never charge it in public ... what will i do while the phone charging as it will take at least 30-45 minutes to get it decently charged .... stare at people or just stand there uselessly ?

3abeer said...

Mowgli... mowgli... mowgli

A word to the wise ain't necessary, it's the stupid ones who need the advice.
and you have done your part ;)

q8_shabab said...

well,, it is a good machine,, and it can be usefull

{ 13 } said...

i gOt no idea whats this all abOut..!!??
المشكلة دايما في بطاريات "فارغه " احممم.يعني تلفونك...لابتوبك..واشياء اخرى ..ناس تشحن كهرباء..وناس "تشحن" شي ثاني..لا تعصب ..الدنيا كده..لا تزعل نفسك....خلك ريلاكس ..دايما اشرب ماي بارده واوقف عند المكيف عشان "بطاريتك" تبرد ...لووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووولز......

adorra said...

LOL Mowgli.. chill.

I do agree that it is utterly unnecessary.

Unknown said...

يقولك المثل يا عزيزى

لكل ساقطة لاقطة

يعنى اللى يخترع اشياء غبية ويكون تلقاه يدرى ان ما منها فايدة يكون بنفس الوقت متأكد بأن فى اشخاص اغبياء راح يستخدمون هالاختراع السخيف

تحياتى لك
ابتسم انت فى دولة الكويت

Mother Courage said...

now that you mentioned it, your gonna use it ;-p

Warda said...

yeah that charging mobile machine thing is stupid but a lot of stupid people are using it as well :) so i think stupid inventions work :P

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

ملاحظ ظاهرة غريبة هالأيام, و هي كثرة العنف المستخدم في التعليقات

شخصيا , اعتقد ان السبب يعود الى حالة عدم الاستقرار العامة التي تمر بها البلاد

سالفة القروض
سالفة لبنان
سالفة نانسي عجرم
سالفة أصحاب التكاسي الجوالة
سالفة البورصة

و سوالف وايد غيرها

انا شخصيا نادر ما تصير فيني هالحالة و يخلص شحني

Spontaneousnessity said...

hello? car charger?

White Wings said...

بديع انت يا مطقوق، خصوصاً وانت معصب علينا
بعدين من ينتظر عند الجهاز وهو يشحن؟ الشغالة توقف، ما في مشكلة
get with it man
live the Kuwaiti life
شحنك أبداً مو كويتي

USsin82 said...


Ya it's happen for emergency…

I think it will work with out door working people.

Or it's good idea to make money from people & companies by pay to charge their mobiles, or pay to put their Advertisement on the machine (as I know in each machine there is a space to Ad)…

Also it will not take time to charge there is a way to charge in short time

To be fair enough we must ask the company about their aim…

Finally its kind of service so may be one day we will need it…


USsin82 said...

By the way they have a good marketing that made u make an Ad for the machine in ur blog, this is the first successful step they did ...


forzaq8 said...

wait wait wait

you just saw it in Gitex ?
its already here in kuwait and the company running it had it for a year now i think

not that i use it , but there are people who does

Abdulaziz said...

First of all,
I will not reply to the comments of

white wings

Until you’re able to distinguish that I’m not Kilama6goog… :P damn it!



Thanks? Hehe



Exactly… I don’t know how people do or would do it.



I try hard :P



Really? Have you used it?



I’m relaxed… lol :( no I’m not lol



I guess this happens to you a lot. Ok… depending on your phone brand, usually phones last from 1-3 days without needing to be charged.

Plus, someone else beat me to it but “CAR CHARGER”.

Lol anyway… please charge your phone :P



I’m chilling… I wrote this post while listening to Buddha bar, and eating one of those brownies from Holland. :P wooohooooooowwww


brava valentia:

lol if my phone battery dies… I’ll just live with it till I get back home. I won’t stand infront of that machine like a doofus. :P



Hmmm good marketing tip. I’ll create a machine that feeds people food automatically, incase they forget. :P


kila ma6goog:

يا اخي قول حق معجبينك انا مو انت.

Looool :P



Exactly! Thank you


plastic lips:

Fine… you ask the company :P
And in the mean time… I’ll just sit here and make fun of the people who use it.



13 year old boy.
A late movie (so late that all the other shops are closed then).
Cell phone.
Pack of cigarettes?
Spiky hairdo?
Blue jeans and black leather jacket?




As you can see… I don’t go out much.
Besides, even when I go to the malls here, I don’t make it a habit to inquire about every silly thing I see. :)


Guys guys guys...

please... no need to get all defensive...

i still love you...

regardless of your defects :P

Ra-1 said...

i didnt read the post to the end but I have seen this machine last year in an airport in China, well when it comes to airports people will need this especially when they will wait for hours!

White Wings said...

oh my GOd, I did't again :)
Sorry mowgly..please forgive and forget :)