Thursday, September 01, 2005


I always wondered why today's kids are different from us when we were in their age?
After a thorough research and investigation I came up with this conclusion,

"Cartoons in our time treated kids to be Heros, Cartoons now treat kids to be just kids!"

In my childhood I used to watch cartoons such as Grendaizer and Superman. You can see from the names how they were strong, good looking, charming, brave and kind. To cut the story short they were Real Heros, seeking peace to our nations, fighting and risking their lives to defend our planet.
The best thing about them is that they did it for free, we never found Grendaizer reading a newspapers looking for what they wrote about him, also we never found him asking the mayor of Tokyo for a commission, and I haven’t heard about a public kiss-ass message to Superman thanking him for helping someone's son in his struggle. These heros were the perfect role models for a whole generation of kids that came up the same way, I am one of them, I lived my life as a hero like Superman trying my best to help people and waiting for nothing in return.
Today, I feel sorry for our kids; they don’t have the right role model! I have heard about a cartoon called Poke Mon, I spent three hours trying to figure out what is Poke Mon and I couldn’t! Is he a mouse? Robot? Or a monkey? Still don’t have an answer. Let's say that a kid assigned Poke Mon as his role model, how can he be like him?
To answer that question please pay a short visit to marina mall and watch the jungles on the kids heads, yes sir, the Spiky hair style is the only thing our kids are getting from their cartoons!


Abdulaziz said...

nice blog dude. I think your blogs are evolving... finally... :P
by the way, Pokeman is banned in kuwait, we don't know much about him, but we do know he's a jew! LOOOOL

جنة الحواس said...

Great post ... well done analysis .. can't say more ..

I feel sorry for them too .. and I still enjoy watching Grendaizer and the rest .. ;)

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said... too walla..especially sindbad 3ajeeeeeb

Anonymous said...

For the definitive reaction to Pokemon, you can't do better than the South Park episode of "Chinpokomon." (Stan's Father, openmouthedly watching the Pokemon-type animation: "...Does this cartoon promote good family values?" Stan's Mother, equally agape: "...I can't tell!")
As for comic-book superheroes, if you want to review the bar that is set for expectations, please read Alan Moore's "Watchmen" series.
This was created in the mid-1980s and pretty much established my entry into being in a defendable position about my comic-book-dorknitude back in high school. The defense based upon stories like this still holds up today, if not more so.
And if you want your comic book superheros done properly in live action, I shall recommend "The Tick" TV series as the best example of what to expect of one's superpowers when used in "the real world."

Troy Z