Friday, August 18, 2006

On behalf of all men...

Ladies… Mothers… Sisters… Daughters… Aunts… Grandmothers… Granddaughters… Girls… Women…

I am sorry.

I am deeply… solemnly… sorry.

I am sorry for all the prejudice you've been getting through-out the ages.
It's only because we, men, are insecure in nature.

I am sorry for not giving you your rights up until recently.
It's only because we need to feel superior.

I apologize for HISTORY written in "his-story" and not "her-story".
And only having it written in half truth… if it can be called "truth".

I am drowning in shame… the past catches up with us men… a shameful past.

We mistreated you… buried you alive… looked at you in disgust…
And we couldn't have been any more disgusting.

You accepted us for who we were, and are… and we can't help think of anything better than to pinpoint all your shortcomings and weaknesses.

We erased you from mankind's history.
Side-lining you from mankind's collective history.

I apologize for words like "MAN-kind", "hu-MAN" and all that demotes your kin.

We took your "elegance", and called it "fragility".
We took your "patience", and called it "indecisiveness".
We took your "kindness", and called it "weakness".

I am so sorry for all the psychological crap you've been getting from us.

I apologize for all the excess baggage you've been carrying.
Baggage you carry since birth… just because you lack a Y-chromosome.

Forgive us for taking your spirits hostage for thousands of years.

Imprisoning your aspirations, hopes, dreams, and talents.
We are cowards… afraid of any competition.

Enslaving your voices… voices wanting to be heard.
We are the slaves… slaves to our fear.

It was always easier to knock you down, than to build ourselves up.
It was always easier to boost our self esteem through demeaning women, than to achieve something.
And when we did achieve… we achieved nothing but bloodshed.

I have no excuse for the unjust treatment of women today…

We're closing on the year 2007 A.D. and we still think marriage is nothing more than possession.

Girls raised in the possession of their father… until possession is transferred to a husband.

Invisible chains…

I am so… so… sorry for not giving women the proper education, knowledge, so that they can see what they are being made to endure.

When a woman chooses enslavement over a free spirit, I know, that was not a choice of someone who've tasted freedom, and I, again, apologize…

I know this is a concoction of men… centuries of conditioning and false teaching to women.

I am sorry for including the word "men" in "wo-men".

Please forgive us…

Forgive us for not knowing how to let go… how to loosen our grips.
Forgive us for believing our masculinity is x-rayed as controlling you.

I am sorry…
I am sorry…
I am sorry…

Thank you women for not accepting the status quo.

For letting your voice be heard through all the clutter deafening our ears.


7aneen said...

if more men were like you,, the world would be a better place:)

I envy ur mom and sisters (if any)

ScarlO said...

Sorry, but this is a very touching post, I cannot help but salute you for your courage.

Wait, this isn't something plotted by Baloo & Bagheera, is it..? Cos, really, this isn't a 'Mowgli Post'. It lacks your sense of humour (so you either write LOL-funny stuff or true & touching..?)
erm, I was expecting a line to turn things on their head towards the end, but alas you fooled me.

ahem, I still demand a Classic Mowgli post..

3abeer said...

"If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman."

Margaret Thatcher

AyyA said...


Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

مع احترامي و حبي و تقديري لكل النساء و لك شخصيا

الا انني اقولك مثل ما قال أوركل, تكلم عن نفسك , انا لست آسفا على أي شيء

الحقوق تؤخذ و لا تعطى

و بعدين انا عندي تجارب بشعة جدا مع النساء القويات المتسلطات , آخرها كانت قندليزا


bo9ali7 said...

im sorry too..
that all what can say..
but i can do more for u enshallah..

Anonymous said...

"We are the slaves… slaves to our fear. -- It was always easier to knock you down, than to build ourselves up. It was always easier to boost our self esteem through demeaning women, than to achieve something."

Doesn't that summarize our attitude towards any 'other' group? Any individual with low self-esteem and self-confidence would choose to bring down the others instead of improving themselves. The issue becomes worst when races, gender group, religious groups or any other form of cults use the same technique.

Thank you Mowgli for forcing us all (men and women) to take a closer look to ourselves and the origin of our attitudes towards all the 'others' ;)

Abdulaziz said...


i don't think its a word ;) but thanksly :P

we certainly can't.

princess mestiza:

what a nice thing to say. thank you.


a time to laugh and a time to weep. ;-)


fine :P

on behalf of myself... happy? :P


"do you want to ask the man incharge, or the woman who knows what's going on?"



are you ? :P

kila ma6goog:

"يا أبو "سلمى



you're the man... we're on the same boat then.


yes it can be generalized.

this strengthens the Machiavellian concept of divide and conquer.

grouping people by gender, race, color, etc etc. then have those groups go at each other.

We men have ruled this domain (earth) for thousands of years.

and where did it get us?

time to relinquish command.

Anonymous said...

عزيزي كله مطقوق .. صحيح ان الحقوق تؤخذ ولا تعطى .. ولكن هذا لا يبرر الأخذ.
عندما يشتكي الشعب من قمع الحريات نرد بأن على الشعوب أن تحارب من أجل حرياتها ولكن ذلك لا يبرر الحكومات القمعية وقوانين النشر والمطبوعات وأجهزة المخابرات ومظاهر الفساد الأخرى التي اعتدنا عليها في العالم الثالث.
اذا .. نعم على النساء المحاربة للحصول على حقوقهن الأساسية ولكن ذلك لا يبرر استغلال بعض الرجال أو المجتمع لضعف امكانياتها.
أتفق معك انه هنالك الكثير من الأمثلة للنساء السيئات (ما في داعي نعدد أسماء) مثل ما في أمثلة سيئة للرجال مثال أولمرت ، بوش ، أحمد الفهد .. وغيرهم ولكن لا أحد يأخذ موقف من كل الرجال بناءا على بعض الأمثلة السيئة. فلما نسمح بتعميم بعض الأمثلة السيءة على كل النساء.
I know you were kidding, but stereotyping is another form of bias and prejeduce ;)

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

العزيزة أم العيال

انا مع حقوق المرأة السياسية قلبا و قالبا و بالنسبة لي المرأة مثل الرجل بالضبط

لكل منهم ميزات و عيوب , لكني صراحة ما اشوف نفسي مذنب بحق المرأة لكي أتأسف منها

و أنا عموما أكره أي موضوع فيه مقارنة بين الرجال و النساء و أستغرب عندما ارى نقاشات طويلة و عريضة عن من الأفضل أو من المظلوم أو لماذا الرجل و لماذا المرأة

عموما في كل رجل امرأة و في كل امرأة رجل

و انا ملاحظ ان جل المعلقين نساء, فهل هذه صدفة؟

phoenix said...

waw...waw....waw. Words never heard before from a man's mouth. And yes i call you man and not person because you show your masculinity through word, and you show your power through admitting the one thing men are afraid to admit. If only there were true men like you, can you even imagine what the world would be?
Much love to you man!
By the way this pot is really moving! Thanks..

Shurouq said...

:) Mowgli,
I'm waiting for your punchline!

شطاري عليك؟

Anonymous said...

عزيزي كله مطقوق .. لا أعتقد اننا مختلفين :) أنا معاك ان المساواة تعني ان لا أحد احسن من أحد وان كافة الأطراف يجب ان تتعادل بالحقوق السياسية والاجتماعية والاقتصادية. وان الحديث عن تفوق أحد الجنسين عن الآخر شكل من أشكال التخلف بغض النظر عن من يناصر أي جنس.
ولكن واقع الحال ان حقوق المرأة مهضومة في المجتمعات العربية، وواقع الحال ان حتى المرأة تمارس نوع من التمييز ضد نفسها وبنات جنسها. لذا فانه من الجميل أن نرى أحد من الجنس الآخر قادر على الاحساس بهذا التمييز . وهذا هو السبب برأي لكثرة المعلقات عن المعلقين . فهي ليست صدفة بل منطق .. أعتقد

Anonymous said...

"its a man man man mans world, but it would be nothin nothin......" yeah we made this world, we choose for it to be the way it is, we did all the hard work, we deserve control, total dominance, not because we're insecure, because we like it.

ba3daine shenoo el 7areem nag9aat 3agil o deen

{ 13 } said...


tweety said...

am speechless
لو كان الجهل في تفكير شخص معين لما كانت هناك مشكلة ولكن المشكلة أننا نثقف ونربى ونتعلم على أن المرأة أقل من الرجل بالحقوق وندعم منطقنا الفاشل بمقولة الريال شايل عيبه فننشأ جيلا غير واعي بدور المرأة وضرورة إحترامها ومعاملتها معاملة جيدة , المشكلة مشكلة مجتمع متناقض يمنح القدسية والسلطة للرجل والاضطهاد للمرأة رغم أن العقل والحكمة صفات لا تحصر بجنس معين
شكرا على الكلام الرائع

Fuzzy said...

Islam has given Women alot, Men took it away.

besides that,

Women contributed to Humanity as much as Men, if not more, and im glad they stood up for their rights recently

Cheers to all of you strong women out there

Delicately Realistic said...

Thats beautiful.
That was extremely refreshing to read.
I'm glad people like you exist.
I'm sure ur mother is proud of you, because it takes a real woman to raise someone to think that way.

Thank you


Abdulaziz said...


sorry... amazingly is a word... i just didn't see the "said" at the end... so i figured it doesn't make sense having it alone. but yes amazingly said is a word :)


thank you... you mean "this spot" right? not "this pot" eheheh i don't deal pot heheh


no punchline :) can't i be sincere?
ولا مايلوق علي؟


مادري شطاري علي

i was on my way back home thursday night, an feeling came over me... then the feeling materialized into an idea... and the rest is history. :P




كلش ولا المدام لو سمحت


you're right... its not just society... i'll explain in a bit... please read below :)
and thanks


you're absolutely right... Islam is pro-women... its just that for the last 1400+ years.. Islam is being interpreted by men... so guess which gender the translations would favor? ;)

delicately realistic:

thank you... yeah i showed mom the post... she liked it :)

Ladies and gentlemen,
kila ma6goog and ummel3yal,

i think you're being too specific...

this is not just about women rights and equal rights...

the idea behind the post is deeper...

its about the psychological views that have been embedded into the fabrics of not just society, but the existence of human beings.

for example, the christian story of adam and eve... is sooo pro-adam :P

i'm not christian but lets face it, their views and ideologies have been pushed into the mainstream for years and years.

its not about rights... and giving rights to women or letting them take their rights by force... no matter what happens...

it would still be the short end of the stick...


i could go on and go on heheh but i guess you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mowgli,

You're right. Sorry for getting side tracked. History and all religions are more men oriented than women. This has created a blue print with time for the way we think and feel towards gender roles and gender assessment (psychology)!

I was trying to make two major points: (1) that even mature and wise men like you and K.M. who realize what is happening and try to break the cycle in their personal circle would (or should) feel sorry. For example, we apologize for our geverment actions despite the fact we disagree with it, because in the end it is our fault for not doing enough to change things.
(2) To change the psychological blue print that was created through the ages on a larger scale, requires large scale intervention. And that would be by setting equity rules and laws on the social level. For example, you can counsel men against beating up their wives or verbally abuse them or controling their financial freedom. But this is not a practical approach on a large scale. But when women have legal protection and valid channels to voice their concerns and protect their basic rights, then men will reconsider and rethink their actions. This, with time, will create a psychological conflict that will hopefully lead to the needed change.
Sorry again. Hope I make sense ;)

Chai-7aleeb said...


Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

ok ok ok



و اعترف اني كنت محتر من موجلي على هالبوست و حاولت اطلع امراضي النفسية عليكم


Hazolat said...


I love you, whoever you are, thanks for those unbelievably kind words.

كله مطقوق
أنا اؤيدك الحقوق تؤخذ ولا تعطى
لكن كلماته حتما مؤثرة

phoenix said...

NO....I don't mean pot i mean post, sorry about that

لمياء الحالمة said...

كله مطقوق

وأنا أقول إشفيه موغلي قاعد يرد عنك, أثريكم واحد

على فكرة, قريت خبر القبض عليك اليوم بمدونة ليل الين, هذي حوبته بعد إللي سويته بليلة الشموع والدموع


ناوية آخذ تصريح زيارة لك, تبي أييب لك شيئ ثاني غير الزغاير والرهش؟

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mowgli for your precious words. I think youre gonna make some girl veeery happy one day (if you havent already).

AyyA said...

I'm always in love, but this time with you after this post :p

Abdulaziz said...




Thanks man

kila ma6goog:

Admit it… you're a women hater :P


I love you too dude… and thanks for your kind words as well.

i love you in a hetrosexual man to man kind of way... that is... :P


lol ashwa :P because I don't need the rumor of me dealing :P

لمياء الحالمة:

انا مو كله مطقوق!

انا إنسان غير... جسديا و فكريا


I haven't already :P maybe that is why I'm pro-women lol I haven't married one yet :P
I'm kidding…


Well… I am single… *wink* *wink* :P

Anonymous said...

You were hard on us ( men ) now you need to apologize to us ( men ) for what you've said

Abdulaziz said...

part of a poem by Janice Mirikitani called Suicide Note:


If only I were a son, shoulders broad

as the sunset threading through pine,

I would see the light in my mother’s

eyes, or the golden pride reflected

in my father’s dream

of my wide, male hands worth of work

and comfort.

I would swagger through life

muscled and bold and assured,

drawing praises to me

like currents in the bed of wind, virile

with confidence.

not good enough

not strong enough

not good enough


! said...

بوست حلو ومعبر وواقعي وهم حقيقي ؟

بس وين الي أيقدر ويعتذر لان أهتمام الرجل دايم وقتي سواء كان أب , أخ او حتى زوج ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

والله يعين !!!!!!!!

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...


صدقيني افكارنا 180 درجة غير عن بعض, تونا طالعين عالعشا بغينا نتذابح انا و الأخ موجلي

انا كنت ارد على ام العيال

AyyA said...

I'll think about it ;) ;)

Killa Ma6goog
You've been tagged :)

Anonymous said...

lah lah ya mowgly just when i was begining to believe there were some nice guys out there.... you had to say that last sentence didnt you? :)

Abdulaziz said...


صح كلامك ولد عمي


you know i wasn't serious right? i have a reputation to protect. planning to get married soon :P and already i scared mona away


la ya mona la ya mona :P

and by the way... so nice guys can't be single and looking? :P

Anonymous said...

scared me away ha? nice try but you cant get rid of me that easily :) after that post 5alas you got me hooked ;) .... but dont freek out on me im just teasin ya ;)