Thursday, August 24, 2006

Time versus Man

You bullied me since birth.
Giving me a rusting body, sealing my fate in a sinking ship.
You threw punches at me, but I prevailed.

You shoved my mortality in my face.
But I learned to appreciate each day as it comes.
Live each moment as if it were my last.

You blinded me with wealth and then swept it away.
But I learned that to be rich, one has only to count his friends and family.
One has only to count the people he loves, loved and is loved by.

You took my health… crippled my organs… showed me pain.
But I occupied myself in helping others through their ordeals and struggles.
Thus forgetting my own pain. And I was thankful for what I still had.

You hindered my path… Planting obstacles to wear me down.
But I didn't succumb. I learned to be patient.
I learned that no matter what the problem is… it shall pass.

You stole my loved ones… a strike bellow the belt… you struck home.
But I, with great agony, learned that, in memory, they would live on.
That I have only to remember times we shared for them to spring forth into life.

You fooled me with years of peaceful comfort, and silly me, I lost my wisdom.
You painted me the illusion of everlasting happiness, and I forgot your snaky nature.
You restored my health… restored my wealth… showed me life in my children's eyes.
And then… without warning, without introduction… just simply…

Took it all away…


You stared me directly in the eyes…

And I knew…

My time had come…

But Time… know this… in that last instance of my life… after my whole life flashed right before me… I died with a satisfied smile… I died knowing that you lost the battle…

What you took… wasn't mine to begin with…


ScarlO said...


I love it. I love the last bit (stanza?) and your concluding line is a killer.

Keep it up :-)

Anonymous said...

wow, did u make this up ?

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

حلو بس لازم تحط صورة أو ألوان

و حاس ان كلماتك صعبة لذلك ماكو كومنتس

ستايل باولو كوهيلو

كييب ئت آب

adorra said...

Very deep. encore!

فيزوقراطي said...

وين كله مطقوق ؟!؟ ليش مو حاط بوست


لا خوش بوست.. يعطيك العافية :)

Temetwir said...

very nicely done

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done!
Looking forward to reading more of your work.

Warda said...

enjoyed reading it :) very nice!

did you write that ??? if so...then mashallahhhh and keep it up :)

3abeer said...

amazing :)

Chai-7aleeb said...

خوش شىء

Delicately Realistic said...

Well done.

AyyA said...

Very deep poem Mowgli, hidden talents? I’m beginning to love you more ;p

Fuzzy said...

الوقت كالسيف ان لم تقطعه قطعك

Abdulaziz said...

sorry for not repyling earlier. i'm not kuwait.

thanks i try my best.


yeah my creation :P
but ofcourse i'm sure i was inspired by something i read but hidden in my unconscience.

kila ma6goog:

باولو كوهيلو؟

واو... شكرا


thanks :)


Allah ye3afeeek thanks




thanks... check often ;) hehehe


yeah i wrote that... thanks.


thank you :)


thank you

delicately realistic:



not hidden :P just not appreciated hehehe



AyyA said...

How come your post doesn’t have salt and pepper as usual? ;p
Congrats on you 100 grand.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late comment .. Great Piece!!

As someone who struggled much longer with time, I have to say it only wears you down when you allow it to ;)

Keep up the good work!