Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mass Communication - Boooooo!!!

Life couldn’t be any better… That’s what was occupying my mind the night of Thursday last. Like smoke, slowly expanding across the horizon, thoughts of Relaxation, Comfort, Sleep, etc. were filling my mental atmosphere. I was driving home, from a strenuous day, happily devouring all those thoughts of just utter, absolute, peace of mind. Working in the private sector, I only have Friday to bask in relaxation for Saturday brings a whole new bag of work related problems and mind boggling issues.


Oh… A message on my mobile, who could it be I wondered? Could it be my sweet loving lady, wondering whether I’m on my way home, and if I was, she wishes me a safe drive home? Or could it be my wife? (I’m kidding… I’m kidding… I, in no way, shape, or form, support adultery, and I condemn anyone who cheats on his spouse). Anyway, I digress…

So, I opened up the message and the first thing I noticed was the number of the sender (if it was someone already saved on my Contacts list, a name would show instead, obviously) then the message…

"أخي العزيز. حبيت أبلغك ان ولد عم الوالد قد رحل إلى رب العالمين...
والدفن غدا بعد صلاة الظهر... اخوك الفلان الفلاني"


“Dear brother (friend), my father’s cousin has passed away.
The burial is going to be held tomorrow afternoon”

At that moment, a gush of thoughts filled up my mind, and a rush of emotions, my heart (or soul, or wherever the hell you keep your emotions), here are some:

Ok… if it is not quite obvious already, let me spell it out for you. I didn’t want to go… I… did… not… want… to… go!

But what can I do? The guy practically advertised the burial/funeral. I can’t use the classic excuse “I’m so sorry, I only knew a few days ago and it was too late to come”. I can’t say I was out of the country, Kuwait is too small a place for a lie like that to fly. Damn it! Can I say I was bed stricken sick? Would I need a doctor’s note for that? Well how would that actually go? I’d fax a condolence letter and give the excuse of being sick, and then attach the doctor’s note for proof? Noooooo… That won’t work either. DAMN IT!

Besides, why on earth would anyone advertise a thing like that, that way? I mean, first of all, if someone is so devastated for a loss of a close one, they shouldn’t have the time to write bulk SMS messages in the first place.

Aren’t situations like these supposed to show you who’re your friends and who aren’t? Well if half of the people in the country are going to come because your stupid message left them no choice, how can you really know for sure that they care?

And what does that tell you about those people’s self-esteem? (the ones that send these kind of SMS) Is it that low that they seek a boost by knowing a lot of people came to pay their respect?

Well… Stick to the traditional way of announcing someone’s funeral (the back of the daily newspapers) and then you’d really know the head count of the people who come, the people who care.

Ok… maybe by increasing the number of people who attend the funeral, this would increase the “Good Karma” for the deceased. But what about ruining the people’s weekends? Isn’t that “Bad Karma”?

Anyway… that’s it… I talked a lot… and the room I’m in is starting to get real humid from all the steam I blew off.

O’ by the way… a few days ago Jerry Seinfeld went on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and on his stand up act, he basically said the same thing I’m saying here, but on the subject of weddings and how they ruin the guests’ weekends for the sake of the pride and groom, and how he prefers not to get invitations.

Now, because he’s Jerry Seinfeld and he was mocking weddings, a generally joyous event, that would be called comedy, and because I mocked funerals, I’m a bad horrible person? I think not! I’m only exposing my dark side for the sake of comedy… This is all for the ratings…

All for the ratings…

PS 1. I did go to the funeral.

PS 2. Don’t die on the weekend.


Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

this is not funny at all!! how mean and careless u can be!

i should banned u from posting here:P

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL just kidding dude...that was a classic:P

did u just disclose to readers our source of subjects? JS


Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Trust me, I know exactly what you're talking about especially after you've really been looking forward to the weekend. Then something comes up and ruins all your plans but a) It's God's plan. We shouldn't complain, and b0 the dude sent you an sms not solely to force you into a corner but maybe because it's more efficient to send an sms to people. It's the new thing. Get with it :P

bo_ghazi said...

I’m used on receiving similar messages, but only from those who are close friends of mine. And their intention isn’t to inform me rather than it’s a task where I should advise those who know my friend & have no idea about the funeral. So I send them the message, and since its coming from me not from him, then its ok to skip coming to the cemetery and instead they’d come to the usual reception :)

Mother Courage said...

i know what you mean , sometimes its just annoying . i dont like going to weddings , receptions social gatherings for those distant relatives that i havent met before or i see them on occassions only ... but funeral is a must !

"PS 2. Don’t die on the weekend."

LOL , same goes to you ;-p

Anonymous said...

i recieve many messeges like that, but i only go to close friends or family funerals,,
B3eed alshar 3anna :),
last week i recieved the same msg, and i thank God FOR IT,, do you know why,, Because if i didnt recieve it i wouldnt know about it, my friend mother died and i dont know her name,, and even if i read the newsapeper i wouldnt know it related to my firend.
sometimes u dont read the newspaper and u miss many News ( Bad OR Good ) and the only way is when someone tells u the news in an EASY Way,, You shouldnt Go to his funeral By the way Because u DIDNT WANT TO,, and forgetabout (( PR ))for seconds,, because u are not running for vise presedent of Kuwait or something like it to make everyone around u happy or likes u, u are human, a guy, anormal Adult, its your day off , do what u find Better for u, and by the way (( look at the subject from another point of view )) :) have a nice weekend :p
it doesnt mean i disagree with you :) but i`m showing my point of view :) thank You

MBH said...

Have you looked into the possibility that one might be too shocked to talk, hence used SMS?

Or maybe, someone else sent the SMS from your "friend's" mobile, on his/her behalf...

Q said...

lol! dude u remind me of someone I know who's worst part of life in Kuwait is attending funerals and weddings! (u know who im atlking about kila ma6goog ;P )

Everytime im with him he asks me to post something against funerals and weddings! lol!

Anyway, just dont go, whats the worst that can happen?? He wont come to a wedding or funeral (alla la igool) from ur side?! boo hoo, so what?! right?

Abdulaziz said...

For all you nice folks commenting on my post... You don't have to come to my funeral. I relieve you from that burden. :-)

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

dont be mad agra3! calm down
i think he is not bothered by attending funerals it self, its all about why ur forcing me to come to the magbara! especially if it was weekend o el dafen 9 am!

hatha elli mza3el el agra3 ..bas 3ade we go to el 3aza ma 3endna shay theda

Q he asked me to do the same...and ill do it foe him soon enshalla

Anonymous said...

omg! that was soo funny (in a weired sort of way lol) but still funny! I cant say i ever got such a message... are ppl supposed to reply to those kind of messages right away?? wouldnt know...

loooool @ dont die on the weekend!