Sunday, November 27, 2005

the picture speaks for itself! (Subject: Babies)

Rabbits: There are usually two to four litters per year with about three to eight young per litter. (Translation: From 6-32 baby bunnies a year).

Mice: Size of litter: 4-14 (even more), average 12 babies.
(If you're finding this too gross for you to continue reading… PLEASE THINK OF MICKEY MOUSE and read on).

Smart Homo Sapiens: 1-2 Children

Not-So-Smart Homo Sapiens: ???
(I didn't want to put a number and insult anyone)

In one of his books, Carlos Castaneda ( was talking with his mentor Don Juan when Don Juan asked him about his father. Carlos's response was that he didn't like who his father was, not because he was a bad person or something like that, but because his father didn't amount for anything… He ate, made enough to sustain a living, slept, etc. etc.

Don Juan's disagreed with Carlos. He said that since Carlos amounted to something, his father's purpose was fulfilled. So was his mother's. And his parents' parents. As far as he can go back, all his lineage had somehow, even if it was too small to calculate or measure, contributed to make him who he was…

A long time ago, as I was growing up, I had one goal I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to change the world. (Humor me and skip the therapy session, I'd like you to be focused on what I'm trying to say). As years left its mark on me, and I aged, and I'd like to use the phrase "and naturally, with age I matured", but we all know that that is not the norm in this country, I didn't change my goal but changed my perspective towards it. I reached the conclusion that all I have to do to change the world into a better place (and I say it as if it was an easy thing, but believe me its not), is to ensure my children get raised up proper. If I can successfully plant the seeds of kindness, imagination, patience, etc. in my children, in my successors, and someone know that they will in turn pass it on to their children, I think its safe to say, I changed the world to a better place. (I mentioned kindness, imagination, patience, because I believe they are the most important attributes and characteristics someone can hope to have).

It amazes me no end how many people just jump into parenthood without even contemplating how big a task it is. If I gave you 10 Million Dollars, and told you to invest it, I'm pretty sure most people would spend more time studying possible options and investment scenarios than they would for having children. Granted, having children is the easiest and arguably the most fun thing to do in life, (and for women readers, the second most enjoyable thing, chocolate being #1, numere uno), but so what? That doesn't hide the fact that everything… and I do mean everything we do will be past along to the next generation and thus to the one after… and if along the line some idiot grand-grand-grand-grandson does something really, really stupid, our hands are clean from such a thing? And vise versa, if a descendent invents a cure for a disease, I think all his ancestors have some small yet important part in it.

In this day and age, you don't have an excuse not to do your homework on parenthood before getting mixed up in it. (And for you people reading, you're smart enough to join the net, go to and buy books on raising children, and no… I don't get commission).

Anyway, I guess the message that I'd like to rub on you is… Think before you do… you know… before you do what people do… ummm… the birds and bees? And Think Real Hard before you have a second child, and Think Real Careful before the third child… if you're going on 4th, there are surgical solutions by the way!


Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

i hate to say this , but this is your first post i REALLY like, 1-0 for u

the thing is u know..sometimes its not in ur hands to do or not to do

think about this and enshalla when u get married will see how ull do it:)

peace dude

7amdella 3aslaama lyale

Erzulie said...

I totally agree with your lil' post. I've commented on a similiar post but here goes: A LOT of people in Kuwait have kids because they feel that "it's time" or it's a cure for their mundane, marital life. I think it's completely irresponsible for parents to bring a human life into this world without having any proper education (yes, education) on what it truly means...I might be a little vague here but sometimes, I watch little kids with their nannies (again, ick) running around with their indifferent parents lounging in another room. It digusts me. If you don't know what you're getting yourself into, don't do it; you have to be 100000% sure you want to stay up nights and dedicate yourself to this child because once he/she comes along, he/she becomes the first priority. I know I'm not a parent but I also know that I was brought up sans nannies or any hired help, and it was the best upbringing anyone could ask for. "Raising Boys" is also a good read.

Mother Courage said...

hehe you have a nice sense of humor and i totally agree . some people with a very limited budget have 6 kids !! THINK people THINK !!!

al-aqra3 i love you already