Friday, February 17, 2006

Personal Space

al-aQra3 walks in and sees Elmo reading a book.

al-aQra3: O' Hello Elmo, how are you today?

Elmo: Hi Mr. al-aQra3, I'm good and how about yourself?

al-aQra3: I am sad.

Elmo: Why Mr. al-aQra3? Can I help?

al-aQra3: Maybe, do you know what Personal Space is?

Elmo: Why certainly, it is the space around every individual.

al-aQra3: Yes… That is correct Elmo. I am sad, because not everyone respects that space.

Elmo: Awwww… I am sorry to hear that. Maybe there is a way to educate the people.

al-aQra3: Hmmm… What do you mean?

Elmo: Let us teach the people a lesson about Personal Space. That way they understand it more and in the future respect it more.

al-aQra3: Why that’s a great idea.

al-aQra3 and Elmo look towards the camera.

Today’s lesson is… P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L S-P-A-C-E.

Where should I start? No you’re too far away, get a little closer please. No, no, a bit more closer. Yes damn it, we’re in each other’s personal space!

Some people don’t buy the concept of Personal Space. Well they bought the idea of AIR, they breathe it, but they don’t see it. They bought the idea of micro germs, they don’t see them, yet they get sick by them. So what’s so different about Personal Space?

Each one of us has Personal Space around them, it is the area where if crossed, you get irritated, or excited, as a matter of fact, even if no contact has been made.

Personal Space is a relative term, some cultures’ Personal Space is around 1 meter, and others are closer or further away. And of course, some cultures don’t have that concept at all.

Why are so many people so insensitive about this? Can’t they get the hint if I frowned or “HIFFed” or “HUFFed” away when they’re too close? What does a man (or lady) have to do to get that creep out of their Personal Space?

I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I too am a victim of this. I tried many things, some of them work out, and some go unnoticed. At airport lines for example, I’d put my bag behind me so that it would serve as a separator, just like the bars used in grocery stores at the cashier. Then of course the guy behind me would lean forward trying to look ahead, like there’s a big show in front!

Anyway… that’s it. I have nothing more of value to add. If you have any idea on how to stop this annoyance from happening, let me know.

Below, some examples of what I’m talking about. Enjoy.

See that guy? He knows about Personal Space. Let's all be like him.

al-aQra3 and Elmo: Bye bye everyone... Thank You for tuning in.


bo_ghazi said...

People show no respect to personal space even while ur entering ur pin number in front of an ATM machine let alone other situations!

Mother Courage said...

al aQra3 i love your writing style !

and about the personal space ! i hear you !

Erzulie said...

That was too cute, and I don't say cute that often because I hate the word's vague and versatile nature. Why don't you wear a "6afa7a" around your tummy to broaden your personal space? Or maybe a tutu?

Anonymous said...

lol ... 3ad one of my motos in life ...
الحشرة مع الناس عيد ;p

متفرغ said...

that was very educating al-aqra3 and a relief after at the same time after reading for 2 hours about the British economy..... some people really need to learn how to behave in a civilised manner and respect others personal space

Anonymous said...

you could write about the idea in less words,it's borring, all your blogs are long, do you do anything except writing blogs ? do you have life? :)

Nunu-San said...

Amazing topic..
So What book was Elmo reading?!

Q said...

nice topic aQra3! I have a story to tell about that.

Once in a 3aza at the funeral, I was standing in line, and you know how it is there, ppl pushing and shoving as usual, but by the time u get to the first person standing it gets organized, right?? wrong! There was this guy right behind me and he kept pushing since we were at the za7ma part and 6awwaft bcz it happens, but then when we were nearer to the people standing in3azeehum he was also pushing, so I turned around and told him to please stop pushing, he said ok but nothing changed, I told him again to stay back but shway ruder, he said ok but nothing changed again! Now we got to the line of people to in3azeehum and shaking hands with them, so i would shake their hand with my right hand, and had my left hand behind my back to make sure he doesnt push again.....unfortunately it didnt work and he kept pushing like he was in a hurry or something and totally forgot that he is 1 person in the chain of people walking at the same pace. I had to resort to my saying my condolences and shaking hands with my right hand, and punching his stomach evertime it got to close!

3 small punches and the guy finally understood the meaning of personal space!

Temetwir said...

ur so right alaqra3
i think u said it best when u mentioned cultures

e.g. over here when in line at a store, u see that there's 'some measurement of distance' with the "europeans"
but ive got some asian colleagues here (chinese and thai mostly) who really come close when ur talking .. too close actually, more than the arabs

never thought abt it till now!

Abdulaziz said...


Hahahah yeah, and you give them that look... you know... "the look" (like... HEY DUDE!!! what the !#$%S*)... You're absolutely right... ATM ethics should be enforced!

mother courage:

I love you boosting my ego. It really really helps :-)
I hear ya too Mama ;-)

by the way... I like the nick. If you ever wanted a side kick, get Lady Justice.


Thank you... I'd hug you but then... No. :-) We're in Kuwait after all.


I'd glad my posts have reached "Cute" status. It's an honor.

I would wear a Tutu, but then I'd have to wax my legs... too much of a hassle. LOL


Let me know the next time you're going to draw money from an ATM machine... We'll see if it's still "Eid" or not. :-P


Thank you for the lovely words. You should check this website every time you open a book to study. :-P


I do, do other things besides writing blogs. I burn ants with my magnifying glass. I watch the cartoon network. I doodle (on the walls). See? My life is interesting.


Come on... admit it... you were too loud weren't you? lol


Thanks... How about the pictures? LOL
About Elmo's book, it was "6 Minutes Abs"


You know what you should've done? Tell him to go right ahead in front of you, then you start pushing him! LOOOOOOL
That'll show'em!


Yeah but the problem is, in this day an age different cultures get exposed to each other more often than before. We should merge everything in "One-Humongous-Super-jelly bean-culture".

Anonymous said...

اود لو تشارك في الرد علي هذا الموضوع ؟؟

في اقرب فرصة

Jelly Belly said...

I have that problem staying in line in any where in Kuwait and what's evern worse people cutting in line! OMG I just lose it!