Sunday, June 04, 2006

the language of letting go...

Attached... Yes I am attached. I cannot live without you.

Yet I cannot ignore the facts. Cruel facts…

Sure I used you, consumed you… But you were willing.

Sure if you go, you'll be replaced. Money does wonders…

You’re all cheap… Easily attainable.

I don’t have to fly to Dubai or Casablanca… I can get it locally.

And I know… If it wasn't with me, you’d be with someone else.

But… blessed is he who loves… And I love you…

I love the way I squeeze you… I love the way you leave a taste on my lips…

I love the way you comfort me… More than a few times a day (if I might brag).

Especially at night…

I knew, it’s been a long time coming… dumping you that is.

But I can’t get the strength to do so…

A wise shaman once said “علمتني كيف احب... علمني كيف انسى”.

Sure I’m a bastard… Sure once I replace you, I’ll forget you.

Am I a sinner for wanting to use you till your last drop?

Until you can’t give me anymore and then I can discard you?
I know I’m evil, and selfish… I want to make sure that… that...

Once I’m done with you, no one will even give you a second glance.

As the ruthless Chinese emperor Chi (463-455 BC) once said,

“Ching chang choong shaang tzwangsho!!!!”

(sorry, that line was soooo Dawood Hussain / Entesar Alsharrah of me, so lame... so lame)

Am I evil to believe in his black wisdom?

In any case… I think the time has come to let you go…

I have no need for you any more… I’m a man… I’m a user…

You knew this before we got in this relationship…

Hey! Tough luck!



Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

اقول خلاص الحين انا صرت ابو, ما نابي مواضيع ما تصلح للعائلات رجاء

تكلم عن تربية الأطفال, تطعيم, تعليم

هالأشياء المفيدة

مو سوالف العزابية مالتك

Anonymous said...

يالله الفال لك تتزوج وتصير ابو مثل كلا مطقوق, قريبا انشالله

ScarlO said...

What's with you and Erzulie with these prank posts?
I use Crest. oo aslan Mowgli doesn't use toothpaste.
Get back to the oasis to keep Baloo compnay.

Anonymous said...

that was sooooo creative

I salute u !!

Erzulie said...

Lol! I knew it!

Anonymous said...

مبروك اطلاق قناة نبيها تحالف

على قمر عربسات
frq: 11210
pol: ver. ( v)
s/r : 3000
fec : 3/4
وانشالله تكون منبر من منابر الاصلاااح .

Anonymous said...

you sick! how can u make love to a toothpaste!!!

Oo wait, i just got it :P

USsin82 said...


I just thought you are really in love with someone

I felt happy for you



Nice post

Abdulaziz said...

kila ma6goog:

Fine! I'll change the toothpaste brand to a more child-friendly toothpaste brand! You know, the ones that taste like bubble gum.

حبيبي والله. عن قريب... عن قريب


Actually Erzulie beat me to it.


I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I hope I don't run out of creative ideas any time soon...


Damn! now i'm worried i can't deliver creative ideas any more, and i hope the guy i'm stealing all these ideas keeps coming up with new ones...



ha haaaaa :-P toothpaste is more original than galaxy :-P

galaxy 3ad? :-( where did bounty, mars, snickers, lion bar, flake, maltesers go?


خوش كلام بس إسمحلي... مايصير تحط دعايات هني. بالأصح... مايصير تحط دعايات بدون ما تدفع رسوم! لازم إنوكل إعيالنا... لا تبخل على رزقنا


hahaha i'm glad i didn't post the unrated version... i kinda lost my moral compass on that one... glad some sense was knocked into me...

heheh and about getting it a little late, that's ok buddy... i too only got it like... yesterday...


Abdulaziz said...

plastic lips:

loool that wasn't exactly a love letter to my loved one was it? :-P

If i was in love, i'd treat her the same way... i kid i kid...

i would adore her, i would cherish her, well... until she runs out of toothpaste that is. lol.

Sheba said...


adorra said...


Abdulaziz said...


'ello :) laish ekhtera3ti?

unfold the voice of the desert:

first of all, very poetic screen name... i should've mentioned it before.

thanks, i try to be as original as possible. the post was actually about a real lady, then i thought, if i can just replace "her" with the "toothpaste" i can fool people to believing i'm creative :P


laish LMAO? what's funny? :P you're laughing AT me right? i never should have following my instinct and published this cursed toothpaste post.

i kid, i kid... every LMAO from you, keeps me going on :)

Hanan said...

Funny post. I never took Mowgli to be a funny kid. Adventurous and wild maybe. But not funny.

Abdulaziz said...


It's the new and improved Mowgli, Mowgli v.2.0 Humor upgrade. (so dorky of me)


"7 days without laughter makes one weak".