Monday, June 12, 2006

people... we have a problem!

What does that say? Am I reading it all wrong? Is there any subtext that I’m not aware of? Is there ANY text that I’ve missed?

Then why, WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY, do people disrespect the sign?!!!

Sure, I understand… sometimes… when you’re in a hurry… there’s no parking available, there’s a certain lure to that empty parking space, just sitting… waiting… BUT THAT DOESN”T MAKE IT RIGHT!!!

Alright… all is said and done… I’m calmcalmsee… I can do the numbers thing… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… O’ GOD DAMN IT!!! YOU @#@!@! #@#@$ !@$$&#$ Can’t you at least respect those who are physically challenged? Don’t you have any sympathy for a guy in a wheelchair?

Ok… Sorry about that… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… !@$ @# !!!%###... fine, don’t respect your fellow equals, don’t respect animals, but for heavens sake… WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS PICTURE?

It’s a man on a wheelchair… symbolizing someone who’s somehow, in one way or the other, physically challenged, and therefore requires, NEEDS, to have a parking spot more convenient than others.

Okay… Okay… Breathe… Breathe… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… almost there… 10…

Ladies and Gentlemen… Is it too much to ask to cling to the last thread of decency and not cross that barrier… that BIG FAT !@$@# LINE… between human beings and scum!

The thing is… I tried, God knows, I tried very hard to try to see past the obvious… when witnessing such a disgusting act. I gave the benefit of a doubt and tried with every fiber in my body to try to convince myself that there was something wrong with that person who just pulled up in the Disabled parking lot.

Well? He’s walking… no funny business there… two legs, two arms, a big oversized melon of a head (but hey, I was in Jabriya, that’s to be expected). Ok, his Dishdasha needed washing, his hair needed grooming, he might be Fashion-Challenged. But as far as I can tell… physically, he was fine… well apart from that anchor attached to his neck (sorry… couldn’t help it… and I know… I’ll be punished by Gods karma and will end up with a child who’s just a head with 4 limbs attached to it). There was nothing wrong with him… so… why… why… why why why why why why?

There was something wrong… I wanted to go up to him and ask him why he just parked in a handicapped parking. But then I thought… “this THING might be contagious”. It might be air-born and I might catch it.

What brings my blood to boil is that sometimes the parking lot is not even full. Congratulations… you just won the WORST PERSON ON EARTH award. You just made that guy, who parked in this spot for the lack of available spots, look like a saint… well not a saint per se… he’s still a jack-!##.

Anyway… being the helpful person that I am… obviously… that goes without saying… of course… without a doubt… absolutely…anyway… as I was saying. I devised a plan.

It is clear that we cannot rid our country of those people. So we might as well accept the fact that they’re here to stay. I propose that we make a separate parking lot just for those types of people. This way, we’ll increase the chances that they leave the handicapped spots alone.

I went this morning to take more pictures, and I found this guy parked.

Ok… I was hesitant to use this picture as an example, because let’s be fair, there is an empty parking space next to the car. Also, the sign isn’t clear enough, even though it is for the parking space he’s taken but still, usually the disabled parking lots are situated near the corners.

Lo and behold, I was saved… just what I needed…

And then…

Ooooo… this is just added bonus… this is icing on the cake… I love that third guy!

On a lighter note, Jabriya Co-op did find a solution for this problem. No, really… I’m not kidding… I don’t know why the rest of the world does not adopt their solution… Huh! United States of America!!! You call yourself civilized? Well I don’t see you guys figuring out a solution to this disabled parking lot problem! Jabriya Co-op found a solution and it made sure no one parks in the disabled parking lot.


I love this… The Nobel Prize winners down at Jabriya Co-op thought it would be a good idea to BARRACKED the parking lots.

* * *

I’ve said all there is to say… Serenity NowSerenity NowSerenity Now!


Arfana said...

you know what I started doing?

I actually take time to leave a note on cars/similar situations saying things like:

الشرهة مو عليك، على اللي رباك

I try hard not to "aghle6" :-)

3baid said...

Great post! I've seen and heard about this issue many times. (Read this) but obviously there's a parking problem because either people are too lazy to walk or too inconsiderate to park properly.

Mother Courage said...

great post

must admit though that i've been to alroudha co-op several times and the disabled parking lot was empty and not barracked... but my example is just an exception i guess !

meWHO! said...

These people really make me sick..not that the fact they park, but mostly the fact that they really think its okay!

BuJwais said...


Al7amdella I'm not the only one who boils from the inside when I see a bu@#$% in a similar situation.

And I live in Jabriya too and always wondered what the hell was wrong with those people for blocking those spots, but you know what? Let them block it so that none of those @#$%$@$#@ will park thair/wait for someone there just because it's so conveniently located right by the entrance/exit.

That's why I always park in the Lawazim Al 3a2ila area.

Abdulaziz said...


I'm too chicken to do that... i'm more comfortable attacking them here heheheh where my identity is hidden. :P


i read the post, i guess the author hasn't lost a leg... i don't think anyone can say disabled people are lucky. free parking space or not.

mother courage:

well... anytime you see a disabled parking lot empty and the rest of the lots are full... that does say something good about the car owners that didn't park in that space. i think the good outweigh the bad, hands down...


you're right... i think we need an awareness campaign... inshallah after the "5" campaign. :P

Abdulaziz said...


and you know what? i don't get it. who's so important that they can't wait an extra 5-10 minutes driving around until they find a parking spot. sooner or later shoppers will leave.

its selfishness thats what it is...

damn it... i'm pissed off again :P i'm all stirred up... i guess i'm reliving the moment now...



BuJwais said...

Mowgli guess what I just discovered: the secret behine the barred handicapped parking spot. It seems that those bars are detachable; I just came back min al jam3iyya and so someone parking in that spot.

3ad whether they detach it and give the spot based on was6a or real need I don't know

Tinkerbell said...

great post! ppl r inconsiderate little f***s they have no consideration and r genuinly selfish..jabriya co-op genius somebody really should give them an award :P

we love kuwait said...

6ab3an im glad we share the same problem.. I CANT STAND THESE PEOPLE I GO CRAZYYYY I ACTUALLY HUNT FOR PEOPLE PARKING IN THE HANDICAPED!!! I always wanted to do something about it so when I got married I confronted my husband how troubling it is to me, I am helpless o ma agdar agool shay awalan la'anna aste7ee thaneyan wht do u say to wa7ed qaleeel adab lay hal darajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Its like someone blowing cigarette smoke in ur baby's face!!!!! ( la 3aad I can kill if this happens, easily) Laken now since I married superman! We decided we do "hunt" them down, and speak to them! The guys are usually nice and even apologize to us but some nasty nasty girls would just scream entay shakoooo, wa7da marra.. la la I have to tell this story ya rabbi abee marra I type a short comment: ya rabbi ma abee a3ayyeb wala abee at6annaz bas hada description bas .. stories lazem eykoonoon detailed fa la77ad 3abala ana ga3da at6aannaz 3ala khelgat allah :/
well shes overweight met7ajba (7jab 60 loown o 6abaqa, the one that looks like a curtain) she has "too" much make up on( 5 bright colors eyeshadow, too thick foundation the skin cant breathe lipstick foog ba6aremha eb meter o ta7at bara6emha eb meter) and of course she is chewing gum, pepsi in her hand emjabla el mukayyef 3ala wayeha o em3alya eghneya hailegeya madree shino, geltlaha law sama7tay? She opens the window o et6ale3ni min foog lay ta7at!!!!!!! ( 6ab3an ana mayta khoof now aste7i o khayfa o ga3da arjef and my lower lip is doing that funny thing again, shway shway geltalaha: law sama7tay bas tara yemken ma tadreen bas tara hada el mawqef "mukhasssas" and I pointed to the sign because I didn’t want to say handicapped in Arabic, and then she laughs hysterically eb 6naza she found my comment funny o galatli hahaha ako mu3aqeeen hal 7azza??? Ana sheft-ha hailegeya o tabi etkammel kalam o sowt-ha 3ali o qaleel adab ekhtara3t o geltlaha ana aasfa o meshait! my husband warned me to let this one go but I insisted! 6ab3an el 7azza kanat Friday morning we were going to sul6an enyeeb machlatna 3ashan ey6egni hubby el bait o eyroo7 el salat fa this was like at 9 in the morning .. YES SHE HAD ALL THIS MAKE UP ON AT 9 IN THE MORNING, YES SHE WAS DRINKING PEPSI AT 9 IN THE MORNING YES SHE WAS CHEWING GUM AT 9 IN THE MORNING.. ya3ni she had bigger problems maskeena.. I did pray for her that day :")

these people are not "happy". simple!

PerseusQ8 said...


"Serenity now, insanity later.." -Jerry Seinfeld

أعرف شعورك.. ياني احساس بالسعادة (و النحاسة) لما شفت الشرطي يخالف كل الواقفين غلط في مواقف المعاقين في سوق شرق من مدة..

Cool post, keep 'em comin'

Hazolat said...

I stopped being shocked now at what people do these days.

Whenever I see someone do that I tell them to please not park there. No one I've spoken to ever gotten out though, it's always (bas Khams digayig) and i'm not going into fist fights or anything over that but at least I try, and i believe that if we all do try to speak to them, the numbers of these disrespectful people will lessen.

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

احم احم

طبعا انا ما علقت لأني من ضمن الناس اللي يتعدون على حمامات المعاقين بالفنادق كما كتبت في مقالة للضرورة أحكام في 3 أبريل

أحب أوضح للجميع و ليس دفاعا عن أحد لكن بطاقة الكعاقين تصرف لكل شخص يعاني من اعاقة جسدية أو عقلية يعني مو شرط يكون راكب كرسي متحرك عشان يصير معوق

الشخص الحول معاق حتى لو كان يمشي تمام

الشخص اللي صك الستين و يتعب بالمشي معاق

الشخص العادي لمن يكون مريض و راسه يعوره يصير معاق

أنا لمن اكون بدورة من الساعة 9 لين الساعة 3 العصر و حصران حدي أكون معاق و احتاج اروح حمام مريح

و آسف للجميع و للاخوة المعاقين على استعمالي حماماتهم

Anonymous said...

you dont spent this much time working and u spend working hours on your blog...
u spend all your day checking and thinking of a subject for your blog and you dont work the way you should then u blame others for not working..
لو بس تقعد 30 دقيقة تشتغل جان ماصار في مشاكل بشغلك بدال قعدتك تشيك الكمنتات و تعلق على مواضيع مالها داعي و تشتغل على الفوتوشوب وترسم حق الموضوع, و لو مهتم وايد بسالفة مواقف المعوقيين خل المسؤوليين يهتمون بالموضوع. لأن كلامك و مجاملة البنات لك ماراح تييب ولا تودي

شكرا و عذرا للإطالة و ثانكس إذا بتمسحه

Anonymous said...

what makes me laugh is you dont spent this much time working and u spend working hours on your blog...
u spend all your day checking and thinking of a subject for your blog and you dont work the way you should then u blame others for not working..
لو بس تقعد 30 دقيقة تشتغل جان ماصار في مشاكل بشغلك بدال قعدتك تشيك الكمنتات و تعلق على مواضيع مالها داعي و تشتغل على الفوتوشوب وترسم حق الموضوع, و لو مهتم وايد بسالفة مواقف المعوقيين خل المسؤوليين يهتمون بالموضوع. لأن كلامك و مجاملة البنات لك ماراح تييب ولا تودي

شكرا و عذرا للإطالة و ثانكس إذا بتمسحه

Abdulaziz said...


thanks for clearing that out... ashwa el jabriya awadim :P


bujwais cleared that part out... they're ok :) ehhehe

we love kuwait:

e7m e7m... she was meeting me!!! :P


yeah george castanza's father lol i love him LOL


you're right... it should be a nation wide awareness campaign.

kila ma6goog:

روح موت... شنو إذا الواحد ينحصر صار له الحق بأخذ موقف المعاق؟



اوووفف اووووف اووووف؟؟؟؟

المشكله موظفيني كلهم يكرهوني... ما راح اعرف انت منو


i'm not a good boss? :(

إنزين انا أرويك

Zaydoun said...


one of these days I'm gonna get a comment like that from my team

Arfana... I'm with you all the way!

Anonymous said...

lool anon, whats makes me laugh is you spendin soo much time reading the blog Oo commenting Oo commenting again :P

عبدالله said...

ولأول مرة في الشرق الأوسط
أشعر بأن هنالك من يهتم لمثل هذيه الأمور
أشكر إهتمامك ووعيك وفكرك الراقيي أخ دائما مضروب :)

بعد ما كان هذا الأمر يزعجيني ويقض مضجعي
ويشعل براكين الغضب في نفسي
بدأت أتفلسف مع نفسي وبعد حوارات ومناظرات مع نفي طبعا إكتشفت أنهم يستحقون هذه المواقف
لأنهم معاقون ايضاً
ولاكن إعاقاتهم عقليه .. نعم
فأصبحت لأ ألومهم وعنما اراهم ادعو لهم بالشفاء .. وعدم الإبتلاء

عبدالله said...

إعتذار وتصحيح
آسف أخ فتى الأدغال لأني هضمت حقك في الموضوع بحكم كتابتك له
وسأشكركم جميعكم
أشكر القائمين على المدونة الرائعة

bentxalfsad said...

it's real problem ....y3nii hal nas ma t7med rabha 3la aln3ema ana aqool qbeel la alnas tsta5dem those parking 5al tet5ayal enha mokan hal mo3aqeen ... o b3deen be nice with those people coZzz walla trahom r7ma men alla