Friday, July 28, 2006

Hello Japan


Ok… I love Japan… but that doesn't mean I can't "dis" it, does it?

The Bathroom:

The first thing I noticed since my last trip to Japan was that their bathrooms have gotten considerably larger, roomier, and more comfortable.

I wrote the hotel manager:

"Dear Mr. Hotel Manager Sir,

As you know, being such a kind person that I am, I would like to contribute to this fine establishment. I have an idea that would allow you to reduce the size of your bathrooms even more.

You could get rid of the sink. There's a bathtub and people can use that to wash their hands, faces, brush their teeth, etc.

This way you'd have reduced your bathroom square footage by 28%."

Notice the proximity of the bathroom and the bed. Really, there's nothing separating them other than the 10cm wall / patrician thing there. So if you're with somebody… you can forget about intimacy!

Ahh the infamous toilet! It's so complicated, that it came with a manual.

Now my question is… Japan… fancy robot toilets… technology this, technology that…

WHAT'S UP WITH THE ROOM KEY?!!! Who am I? A dungeon master? A jailer?!!

Disposing of Trash:

Ok… this… I wish they provided a manual for.

I really didn't know which trash can to use… Yes, Mr. Pringles is a can, but a carton can. It does have some metal in it. But then again… Aaaaaaah! So confusing… must sleep… brain cells dead… I'll leave it for the room service lady to decide.

جدة غير

Ops, I mean Japan is different!

Their coca cola bottles are cute and cuddly!

Their kitkats are cute and cuddly!

And... drum roll please........ dum dum dum daaaaaaaaaam...

Their watermelons are cute and cuddly. :-)

by the way... that one costs about 36.000 KD ($120.00)

On a side note… does anyone remember this show?

And lastly… who goes to Japan and doesn't eat sushi? KILA MA6GOOG!!!

On the way back… on the plane:

Has this ever happened to you?

You'd go to the plane bathroom, it's a long flight, a night flight, so naturally, the lights are dim in the plane cabinets… anyway… you'd enter the bathroom, and PHEEWWWWW!!!!!! JEEEEEE WIZZZ!!! Someone has really made a mess in there! (sorry but this is important, please read on).

Now 2 things are going on in my mind…

How I can brush my teeth as quickly as possible, without intoxication.

And… more importantly… I hear someone waiting outside for the bathroom… How, in those brief yet CRUCIAL eye contact moments that will occur right after I leave the bathroom… how I can telepathically tell him that it wasn't me who made the mess.

I had a plan… as soon as I opened the door I put on a disgusted face (you know, the face that those British folks are famous for).

Then as I had hoped, I raised my head and "eye contact", I shook my head, and not in so many words, portrayed to him that I was victimized in there, and that I wished him goodluck.


LiL ALiEN said...

هذي رحلة عمل؟ ام سياحه؟ ام رحلة قراده وعذاب؟

احلى شي بالصور صمونة "السوب واي"

Warda said...

Abi Arooooo7 Japan :) 3ASHAN JAPAN GHAIR :P
Yegolooon il toilet seats ihnak 3ajeebeeeeeeeeeeen ...I want to try them out ... hehehe :)

Anonymous said...

Masi masee!

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

you know, the face that those British folks are famous for


u forgot to say that you DOWNGRADED the Hotel Room


ScarlO said...

-What is it with you and 'cute and cuddly' stuff? :-p

-What is it with you and watermelons? (watermelon post comes to mind..)

-I don't remember this. Care to explain what this is?

-*coughs* Brits are very humble creatures ....

-Nice post .. but that's only because it's similar to ma6goog's previous on Japan :-p
(kidding..sort of)

-You should post more often...

Abdulaziz said...

lil alien:

سب ويي؟ يوعان؟


heheh well familiarize yourself with the manual :P


hi... nihongo wakarimashte?

kila ma6goog:

who said i downgraded the hotel room?

i'm not cheapo :P i'm eating 120 dollar watermelons :P


well actually, east asia is my territory, just as politics is Kila ma6goog's... he cheated and posted something under my jurisdictions.

Arfana said...


i missssssssssssssssssss yooooooooou

thiba7na ma6goog with politics! lol

o mit3assib ba3ad :-)

LOVED your letter to the hotel manager... maybe the can make a hole in the bathroom wall so u won't have to get up and go to the bathroom! ;-D

Anonymous said...

أعتقد بالمستقبل القريب ستوفر الهوتيلات غرف فيها بس فراش، تلفزيون، وبالوعة عودة بدل الشاور، التويلت، والمغسلة

AyyA said...

Ah Japan, did you try playing music while sting on the toilet? I call that sh**ing with style, LOL , and did you notice their car parks that go horizontally on a small space of land? Which city did you go to? And I hope you visited Kyoto; the historical city.

Abdulaziz said...


i missed you too :P

actually, "going to the bathroom without getting out of bed" was the original idea behind the picture, check the name of the picture LOL. but i thought people might question my sanity if i played that angle.

i'm glad we share the same vision :P


اهم شي يكون فيها انتر نت بس


i love kyoto,i love the temples there... so peaceful... i didn't visit it this time though. I was close, just over the mountain, Osaka.

i only spent 2 days and 2 nights...

I did get a chance to go to Horishima... what a sight for sour eyes... (actually they rebuilt it quite well, i meant the bomb thing)

ScarlO said...

East Asia to me is thai sweet chili flavoured Walker crisps .. instant noodles .. and Hayao Miyazaki. 'Memoirs of a Geisha' .. 'The Good Earth' .. and that's all. No sushi for me thanks.

(you can tell i'm just writing a comment for the sake of writing a comment, yeah?)

Anyways, what is it with you and water melons that makes you pay 120 dollars to eat them? I demand a detailed explanation, preferrably in a separate post

White Wings said...

toilets are very important, I'd take the time to read the manual :)
sorry to mention this and disrupt the mode, but Lebanon is screaming, new massacre in Qana, have you heard?

Mother Courage said...

LOOOL the coca bottle is so cuuute !

keep'em comming

by the way

AlaQra3 sounds much cooler than mowgli

الكويتي الحر said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hanan said...

حمد الله على السلامة
japan is cute and cuddly. :) as I can see from your post.

tweety said...

اشيايكم عل الحمامات !؟ حتى شاي حليب ذاك اليوم حاط بوست عن بيت الراحة على قولته!
اما على اليابان ياربي مادري ليش احس اني ماحبها يمكن لأني ماعرف شي عنها
انا عبالي كله مطقوق اللي كاتب البوست nice 2 meet u mowgli

Erzulie said...

Lol @ "bomb thing" :/
Off topic: I've been eating a lot of watermelons and you know what, I actually referred back to your watermelon post to get the best watermelon there is so thanks!

Anonymous said...

u know where u say jeda '3eer, then u say ops japan is different, thats MALAQA

ps, if u delete this comment i will kich your ass :)

Blogger said...

ahm shay enk estanst oo '3yart gaw
oo 7mdllah 3la elslama

Arfana said...



dirty minds think a like!