Monday, July 31, 2006

Japan post add-on

updated with more pictures on 1-8-2007

I was here... Osaka.

We took the bullet train to... Horishima. (One of the two places bombed by the arabs Opss... hahaha its becoming second nature now... i mean bombed by the americans)

You can see this building on the mock up display below.

Something to ponder about...

Horishima before the bomb:

Horishima after:

Of course when it came to the Audio Guide... I gently declined and told the Japanese lady,

"Me arab! Me no need translation! Me take this in Terrorist 103 class"

on a lighter note...

i got a chance to practice my japanese... and if i might brag... it went pretty well...

only one problem...

I confused Kinoko (Mushrooms) with Niniko (Garlic)... so guess what these two pizzas have a lot of... and i mean A LOT of? yeah.. garlic !

This picture was taken on an earlier trip... 2001. In the city of KOBE... Famous for its steak. They make their cows drink beer... no kidding... so the steaks taste better... (so i hear) :-P


Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

how much they charge for the audio guide?

ScarlO said...

And why exactly does anyone need an audio guide?

Fuzzy said...

hmmm, hiroshima Before and after pics looks like my friends Head hehehe before and after getting Bold.

Fuzzy said...

kila ma6goog

gowa hawaryooh ? ( how are you ! )

فيزوقراطي said...

عاش الياباني

Arfana said...


mumkin a3zimkom 3ala lemon o ni3na3 3indi?

I hate advertising in others' spaces bas amoon sa7 mowgli?

please visit to support to lebanon


Q said...

mowgli, where exactly was that? and tell us more about the tour!

Chai-7aleeb said...

The Japanese are amazing.They had the will and power to re-build their country into a Super Global Power being how small it is and what happened to them in Hiroshima.

I'm so proud of them,as well as their Sushi,Sony and Toyota!!!!

فيزوقراطي said...


best thing they have is Panasonic. sony sucks :)

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

100% agree with fezo


White Wings said...

who cares about panasonic or sony, they have thinking toilets, any one else apprehends the importance of that :)
just great pictures and great comments..

Q said...

wow you updated the post with pictures from NEXT year?!?

Now thats high tech! ;P

USsin82 said...

It was short, but nice tour

By the way did you try Japanese's massage?


Abdulaziz said...

kila ma6goog:

i don't remember. sorry


because everything is in japanese.


is there an audio guide for your friends head? :P


عاش من قال


تمونين افا عليك.

its not called Japan for no reason :P yes... over there, its already 2007 :P


Panasonic wo bes! :P

White wings:

thanks... but :P we care! heheh PANASONIC! :P

plastics lips:

no.. :( no massage.

Anonymous said...

hehehhe daymen salfet eragy mawjoda

7aneen said...

yea i read about KOBE,, in the guiness book of records 20o7 (madre 2006) aydad wa7ed.. ;P they make the cows drink beer and MASSAGE THEM !! ;P