Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Thousands of sky wars are starting every day, Where??
On the Economy Section of each and every airplane in the sky.
For more than fifty years, passengers on economy have been through severe battles to defend their territory! Each passenger gets into the airplane wishing to have a pleasant trip. Unfortunately, as soon as he finds his seat, millions of questions start to pup up in his head..
Is it for both of us?
Is it for one of us?
Is it for none of us?
Should I ask for permission to rest my arm on it?
Should we share it by time, let’s say each can use it for half of the trip?
Should we discuss the issue now, or later?
What is the procedure if one of us slept? The other can use it for free?
Can I rent it for him and get some extra $$?
Is it worth it to pay double the price just to avoid being in this chaos?

And finally, what will happen if both of us want to use it, and none of us agreed to give it up? To whom it belongs regarding to the International Laws of the UN?

Please if anyone knows the answers, let me know. This is vitally important to me; you can say it’s affecting my personal life!

Mr. Kofi Annan and Mr. James F Albugh are more than welcomed to join the discussion

What am I talking about? Take a glance on the picture!


n said...

thats amusing.

I'd say its the persons on the right's (my right) arm rest. Why? Because the there isnt one next to the window and the guy on the left (my left) has one of his own :P

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

nazali and GMF..thank u for ur comment? can i stop these marketing comments?...or how can i delete them?

Anonymous said...

no one will use it all the the time

3abeer said...

that's sad..yet funny :)

next & last post on airplanes dated December 12th 2005....

so far you covered most of the uncomfortable issues.