Saturday, August 20, 2005

Missing any one?

For a long time, I used to think that am the biggest loser on Google earth. Thankfully, most of my friends confirmed me that am a loser, but far away from the BIGGEST. They assured me that if I opened my eyes wide enough ill surely come across a lot of “Loserers” hanging around.

Since then, I started my journey to search for losers around the world; I found a lot of them in business, health, sports and relationships. Thank god, am better than 90% of them (don’t be shocked).

For example, this website, it searches for high school colleagues/ friends, apparently there are a lot of losers who are using this website services! How I know? Because these (boogie night/ taboo) pictures keeps jumping at me each time I open my e mail for the last year!

Why on earth someone wants to find his high school friends? If they’re not your friends now, that means they’ve made the right decision of not being your friends long time ago! Actually they might be avoiding you all these years, so why searching for them?

Come on guys, don’t you have friends now? Don’t you have a life? Ok ok ok let’s assume that you found one of them, she’s the CEO of HP, and she’s certainly unlucky because you found her phone number, you will call and say what? “Ooh hello Jane,..this is Abdul from junior high..wassap with you? Call me back I work in 711 on Broadway and 2nd!”

My dear loser, you think Jane will call you back? Am sorry to disappoint you, she will never replay your call, she will block the number and she might sue 711 loool

Please people, stop bothering your high school friends, they’ve already avoided you. Actually you will find nothing worthy in them 20 years after graduation; they will look fatter, uglier, and sadder (some of them will be broke and wants u to lend them some $$)

High school by it self was fun, not the people in it 20 years after! So get over it, and be mature enough to live your age.


Sheba said...


Thats so true, i would hate to hear from highschool friends who i have deliberately avoided for all these years

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

hmm...yah:(...its either my blogs are too good for ppl to comment on them....or...or no one is reading them other than the people i focely push to read. anyway it used to be just u and am making a 50% progres:P...thats good for 2 months! better then PWC!

q80inbahrain said...

Its not only 2!! I read it also..and by the way thats 100% not 50% increase in 2 months ;)

Mohammad Al-Yousifi said...

first thanks to all of u who are commenting o am so sorry that i dont comment on ur comment but be sure that i read them o appreciate them....anyway ..most of the readers of this site are my private friends and they are not bloggers so usually they read and then call me to let me know about their opinion...
anyway ur all appreciated and stay toned for the new blogs....i have a lot of them in mind but need time to keep cheking

about autuminny commentam sorry for the mistake....i think i spend too much time on picking on ppls mistakes and forgot my self:P
peace all